Scar Revision in Plano, TX

What is Scar Revision?

As a common skin blemish, scars may be located on any area of the face and body. For some people, a scar is an unwanted reminder of a wound that once existed or some other condition that created a disruption to the skin’s surface. While some scars are not a concern, certain scars are unappealing and unsightly. They can be too wide or too big, dark, bumpy, recessed, or raised. Based on where the scar is located and its condition, scar revision may be needed to improve its appearance. Surface Skin Spa offers scar revision surgery, which is a cosmetic procedure that helps decrease the size and fix your scar's appearance. Visit our Plano, TX facility to learn more about this exciting treatment.

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Types of Scars

There are many different types of scars. The most common scars we see are usually:

  • Superficial Scars - These are the most subtle type of scars. They don't cause any concerns besides an unsightly appearance.
  • Keloid Scars - These scars are more noticeable in size and may be sometimes painful. The skin around the scar is typically discolored and extends beyond the borders of the original wound.
  • Hypertrophic Scars - A hypertrophic scar may also be large. They tend to be thicker and grow bigger in time; however, hypertrophic scars don't typically grow beyond the original wound borders
  • Contracture Scars - A contracture scar is considered more complicated as the scar forms over a bigger section of skin. A burn is one example of a contracture scar. In many cases, the scar feels tight and also impairs movement in some patients.

I searched for a very long time and received multiple opinions with other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Del Mar from some of the best surgeons who advised against a reverse tummy tuck and only taking minimal tissue out of my breast for a breast reduction. I’ve had large breasts my entire life and knew I wanted to go down to a B cup. I also had some loose skin on my upper abdomen from having three children and having lipo in that area. My belly button needed a lift but I did not want a full tummy tuck. I kept searching for the right doctor who was confident in his skillset who has experience in these specific procedures. I can’t express how grateful I am for Dr. Haidenberg. He really listened to what I wanted and he took his time making sure every measurement was correct. Every incision is absolutely perfect. My breasts look perfectly symmetrical, my results really exceeded my expectations and I have very high expectations. I also had an umbellical hernia repair and was told by multiple high profile surgeons I’d have a large scar and that was what I was trying to prevent by doing the reverse tummy tuck. I did not want belly button scars and others told me it is inevitable. Dr. Haidenberg addressed my umbilical hernia from within while doing the reverse tummy tuck and left zero scars on the outside. He is absolutely brilliant and his skillset is unmatched. You can tell he really comes up with a game plan during your pre-op, he studies you meticulously and really prepares himself. I’m so happy I took a chance with him for both my breast reduction, my reverse tummy tuck, and hernia repair. I flew from California and would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. I wish more of his patients would review him because there was really no reason for me to feel so nervous before the procedure. I really was in the best hands. Just an incredible surgeon. For every perfectionist out there Dr. Haidenberg really is your guy.

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Is scar revision right for me?

Adults or children who have a scar that is bothersome, unsightly, or creates insecurity and embarrassment may want to learn more about scar revision. It's important for potential patients at Surface Skin Spa who get this treatment to understand that although this treatment can improve the physical appearance of the scar and reduce its size, it will not be able to make it fully disappear. The type of treatment chosen will be dependent on where your scar is located and the type of scar it is, as well as the size, shape, and depth. Severe cases of scarring may require more invasive methods, such as surgery.

How is scar revision performed?

Patients will be asked to relax in one of our comfortable treatment rooms where our staff will walk them through exactly what will happen during the procedure. The treatment itself is typically found to be relatively painless, ensuring the utmost comfort of our patients throughout. Once we're ready to begin, a member of our staff will slowly begin to glide a handpiece over the scar. The energy released from this device triggers a healing response within the body, which will lead to the scar gradually fading from view. In many cases, patients will need to return for a few follow-up treatments before their final results can be achieved.

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What results Can I expect from scar revision?

At the immediate conclusion of the treatment, patients will be free to return home, to work, or wherever else they may need to be. The scar, as well as the skin surrounding it, may appear a bit red or uncomfortable. Some patients describe it as being similar to a sunburn. However, this is entirely expected and should fade on its own within about a day. It's important to keep realistic expectations as even though patients will likely have a natural, softer appearance in the area of their scar, it likely won't be completely eliminated.

Improve Your Scar's Appearance

If you have an unwanted scar that bothers you, Surface Skin Spa offers many treatments to decrease its appearance. After assessing the size, shape, depth, and type of scar you have, a revision treatment will be developed. Using nonsurgical treatments, our team will transform the scar area and skin around it for a more normal and natural appearance. Our office invites you to contact Surface Skin Spa in Plano, TX to schedule your scar assessment and consultation.

How much does scar revision cost?

The cost of your procedure relies on a variety of factors, including the area being treated, the type of scar, and the size of the scar. During your consultation, we can provide an estimated cost of your procedure. Surface Skin Spa accepts many payments, and we can help you find low-interest medical financing if necessary.

Can scar revision be combined with another procedure?

Scar revision can be combined with a number of other services. Laser treatments are especially ideal if you are concerned about other skin issues, such as hyperpigmentation or rough skin texture. During your initial meeting with our staff, it’s important that you discuss all your concerns so we can help address your cosmetic needs with a customized treatment plan.

Is scar revision covered by insurance?

Due to the fact that scar revision is a purely cosmetic procedure, it will likely not be covered by your medical insurance. However, we can work with patients to find a payment method that works for them.

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