Dermaplaning in Plano, TX

What is Dermaplaning?

When skin rejuvenation treatments, like microdermabrasion and facials, are not helping you attain the outcome you want, but you aren't interested in more invasive procedures, you may be a candidate for dermaplaning skin treatments. Dermaplaning is a popular cosmetic procedure and facial treatment that smoothes the skin by stripping away dead skin cells and fine facial hair for a softer, more youthful look. Sometimes known as dermablading, this treatment is performed with a special tool and careful scraping techniques. Our aesthetic team is thrilled to offer dermaplaning treatments at Surface Skin Spa in Plano, TX. Dermaplaning is requested more these days because it is nonsurgical and able to provide smoother, younger-looking skin.

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Ideal Candidates

Dermaplaning procedures are safe skin treatments for nearly all skin types. Individuals with severe acne should discuss the benefits and risks in detail beforehand. The best candidates for the dermaplaning procedure:

  • Are seeking something other than chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  • Do not have rosacea
  • Have an abundance of fine facial hair
  • Do not have skin that is highly sensitive
  • Have superficial hyperpigmentation

You will have missed an opportunity if you don’t schedule a consult with Dr. Haidenberg - I am very excited to provide my review for Dr. Haidenberg. From my first consultation, it was clear that Dr. Haidenberg puts his patients best interest first. When looking at patients pictures that had similar surgeries to mine, my first observation was that patient outcomes were natural, younger and fresher, but everyone looked like themselves. Aside from Dr. Haidenberg’s personal care for his patients, his technical expertise and ability to explain the procedure, set’s patients up for solid expectations. If you take the time to read his reviews, they each will testify to his skill as a surgeon and that his attention to detail are unmatched. He also collaborates well with Dr. Yaker his partner, which magnifies their assessment, surgical plan, and after care which further enhanced my confidence in Dr. Heidenberg. Beyond the excellence demonstrated by Dr. Haidenberg throughout the process, the competence, care, and personal interest offered by each member of his staff was also unsurpassed. From the moment I entered their office on my first visit and throughout follow ups, the welcoming relaxed environment and dedication to excellence makes recommending Dr. Haidenberg a pleasure and an honor. Regardless your interest in plastic surgery or desired outcome, you will have missed an opportunity if you don’t schedule a consult with Dr. Haidenberg. You’ll find my appraisal is not exceptional, and like others, just tries to express appreciation for a doctor that cares as much about your outcome as you do.

E. RealSelf

Great doctor and staff. Couldn’t be more please with current and past procedures. Not only have they done major surgery but also minor procedures. Dr. Yaker has always been able to correct past mistakes easily. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Kristin the on call nurse is top notch. Wouldn’t think to go anywhere else.

D.B. Google

Amazing Experience - I had a tummy tuck, Breast lift, arm fat removal and lipo with Dr. Haidenberg - I had a tummy tuck, Breast lift, arm fat removal and lipo with Dr. Haidenberg on June 23rd of this year. I have never been happier in my life. Not only did I barely experience any pain, but I was up and out at dinner (against docs orders) within two weeks, drains and all. I love this doctor and his staff. They are all the best.

A. RealSelf

I recently had Dr. Haidenberg perform gynecomastia surgery and a lipoma removal from my sternum, I am extremely pleased with the results, I was tired of not being able to wear a T-shirt without noticing a strange look from someone, self confidence was a problem. the incisions were great and are healing beautifully, the scar from my lipoma is hardly noticeable, I highly recommend Dr. Haidenburg if you are looking to make any changes to your appearance, He did an outstanding job.

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Everyone here has been friendly while being a client. They have all made me feel comfortable. I started my journey about 2 months ago and still have a few more things that need to be done. Everything completed so far look amazing. I cant wait to see what happens with the rest of my journey. This place will definetly be a part of it.

L.L. Google


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Our Dermaplaning Technique

Dermaplaning treatments are usually performed in our office as an outpatient procedure. Once your skin is washed, the treatment will begin with a gentle scraping of the surface of the skin with a blade. The technician will scrape the treatment area many times until the face has been evenly treated. The amount of time needed will vary, depending on whether a section or the entire face will be addressed. During your consultation, we will be able to let you know what to expect during the dermaplaning process.

What to Expect

After your dermaplaning session, you can expect your face to be pinkish. These are normal side effects that will subside in the coming days. It's not uncommon for peeling to occur as the skin heals. However, it's important not to scratch them — you should allow the skin to heal on their own. Patients will need to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun because the face will be very sensitive in the weeks following the procedure. Expect to see results quickly as dermaplaning produces softer, smoother skin right away. To help you protect your newly revealed skin, our team will discuss an improved skin care routine with you, including the regular application of sunscreen.

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How much does dermaplaning cost?

The cost of your dermaplaning treatment will depend on facility fees, your unique treatment plan, the number of sessions needed to attain your goals, and if any other skin care procedure is combined. Once your custom dermal plan is developed, we can estimate your costs. Our office frequently offers specials and monthly promos so be sure to ask about this during your consultation. In addition, we provide discounts when you purchase multiple treatments.

Why is dermaplaning good for the skin?

If you have an excess amount of "peach fuzz" or have tired-looking skin, then this is a great treatment option as it is simple, affordable, noninvasive, and does not require any downtime, like a chemical peel. Dermaplaning removes old damaged skin and vellus hair for a gorgeous profile. This process also helps to remove trapped dirt and bacteria, in addition to promoting collagen and elastin fibers for a glowing complexion.

How often should I get dermaplaning?

We usually recommend that you receive a dermaplaning treatment once a month or every 4 – 6 weeks to maintain optimal results. Talk to your aesthetician to determine when they think it's best for you to return for follow-up treatments.

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