Breast Revision in Plano, TX

What Is a Breast Revision?

Breast augmentation surgery continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. While the majority of women are pleased with their augmentation results, some will decide to have the implants removed or replaced. Plano, TX plastic surgeons Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and Dr. Natan Yaker, are breast revision specialists that work with women to correct, remove, or replace an existing implant. This decision may be made because the implant is not functioning properly or is no longer aesthetically desirable. In addition, Dr. Haidenberg and Dr. Yaker may recommend implants be replaced if they are a decade or older. This will vary by surgical case and can be discussed in detail during the initial consultation.

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Do I Need a Breast Revision?

There are several instances where a woman may choose or need to undergo a breast revision. Some of the most common reasons women undergo breast revision surgery include:

  • Ruptured Implant: If a saline implant ruptures, the implant device will deflate due to the leakage of saline. This will result in an obvious deflating of the breasts. Silicone implants will not deflate visibly; however, a break in the shell may still occur. The only true way to detect a shell break is through an MRI, which is why routine check-ups are recommended throughout the years.
  • Breast Rippling: Breast rippling and/or wrinkling can occur along the side of the breast or underneath it. This occurs within saline implants resulting in an unnatural appearance under the skin. This is most common in women who are extremely thin.
  • Double Bubble Implants: “Double bubble” is a rare complication with women who have breast implants. This occurs when the implant drops down behind the natural breast crease or it has risen and now over-drapes (double folds) the breast. When this occurs, an unnatural indention will result in a “double” breast appearance. This is usually caused by improper breast placement from the original surgery or severe capsular contracture, which shifts the implant from its position.
  • Breast Implant Removal: Some women may decide later in life they no longer wish to have breast implants in place. Breast implant removal is a procedure that removes the implants and tightens the skin around the breasts to create a natural look.
  • Breast Size: Some women will be unhappy with their breast size following breast augmentation surgery. They may desire a secondary surgery to replace the implant with one of a different size, texture, or shape. Some women may want to go from saline to silicone, or vice versa to achieve the results they desire.
  • Capsular Contracture: Scar tissue that has formed around the implant may create a capsular contracture. When this occurs, excessive tightening of the capsule will result in a hard feel of the breast. Sometimes, in order to correct this, a capsulectomy must occur. This is the removal of scar tissue from around the implant. In general, silicone implants have a higher incidence of capsular contracture (approximately 10-15% chance) than saline implants (5% chance).
  • Implant Bottoming Out: This can occur post-surgery when an implant shifts or moves from its original location. This can also occur with aging, gravity, trauma to the chest area, or with excessive scarring.

Dr. Yaker, For the first time in my whole life I am proud of my breasts. I never believed this could happen…and at your hands it did. Thank you for everything! Sincerely, J.W.

J.W. Office Visit

Dear Dr. Yaker, Once again I thank you so very much for doing such a wonderful job of removing & replacing my breast implants. I appreciate your talents, kindness and professionalism. You and your staff have made my surgery - "worry-free."! in a year, on my next follow-up appointment, I will want your opinion on a partial or full facelift and/or any suggestions you may have. I highly recommend your service & skill. Sincerely, J.B :)

J.B. Office Visit

I had silicone implants that had ruptured. Dr. Yaker replaced them with saline implants and did a lift. He pays great attention to detail. I am very pleased with the results. I elected to have it done at his facility instead of the hospital, and it was a great experience. His staff and the anesthesiologist were very professional and attentive. The facility was warm and comforting instead of cold and sterile like a hospital. I would recommend Dr. Yaker for anyone looking for a thorough, caring plastic surgeon.

A.H. Yelp

52 Year Old Female, Wanted a Breast Revision and Facial Lesions Removed. - Dr Yaker is so talented and so skilled! He listened to my needs and did exactly what I had wanted. Made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. His team is also great. All are very friendly and very helpful. I also have friends and family members that also love Dr Yaker. I highly recommend him and he will always be my cosmetic surgeon and for spa procedures as well. - - Due to age (and gravity) and a possible implant leak, I wanted to replace my implants. The surgery went so well with little down time, minimal pain and implants were still intact. Recovery was so easy and I love the results. The scars from facial lesions usually take approx 3 months to fully heal and disappear. Its been only 6 wks and they are almost all healed and gone.

M. RealSelf

I cannot praise Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and his outstanding team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas enough for the life-changing experience they've provided me. After losing nearly 80 lbs and grappling with body image issues for most of my life, I decided to undergo Gynecomastia revision, nipple reduction, upper body lipo, body etching (chest and abs), flanks and back, and a male mini tummy tuck. Finding a surgeon who genuinely understands the unique needs and desires of male patients can be challenging, but Dr. Haidenberg exceeded all my expectations. From my first consultation, it was clear that Dr. Haidenberg was an expert in male cosmetic surgery, particularly Gynecomastia treatment and male mini tummy tucks. Before meeting him, I didn't even know that a mini tummy tuck was an option for men! He took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, ensuring that I received the personalized care I deserved. The staff at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas were incredibly supportive, kind, and attentive throughout the entire process. They answered all my questions and kept my loved ones informed during the surgery. I never felt like just another patient at a factory-like clinic; instead, I felt truly valued and understood. The results of my Gynecomastia revision and male mini tummy tuck have been life-altering. When I removed my bandages five days post-surgery, I was moved to tears by the transformation. I finally feel confident in workout clothes and no longer feel self-conscious about my appearance. The change has been so significant that even my ongoing gym workouts are more enjoyable, as I can see my progress clearly. If you're a man considering cosmetic surgery, especially Gynecomastia treatment or a male mini tummy tuck, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and the exceptional team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas. Their expertise, support, and genuine care have given me the body I've always desired, and I am forever grateful.

B.L. Google


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How Is a Breast Revision Performed?

Patients who wish to have their implants replaced will undergo a procedure where an exchange of one or both implants may occur. These revision surgeries are generally straightforward. If scar tissue does exist around the implant, an additional step will be taken to remove this. Some patients may require a breast lift during the revision surgery. In addition, a tissue matrix device known as a strattice may be used if added support is needed. The goal of the revision process is to resolve or overcome issues in a way that satisfies the patient’s aesthetic goals.

What Can I Expect During and After a Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. The ease of recovery will depend on exactly what was being done during the revision process. Most women are able to resume their normal work activities after a full week of rest. Exercise will be a gradual process. It may take up to a full year for the scars to begin to fade and for the newly revised breast or chest area to look and feel natural.

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How Much Does a Breast Revision Cost?

Every patient's needs are different; thus, the cost of breast revision surgery will vary. During your consultation at our Plano, TX office, our team will explain your available treatment options and their cost. From there, we can discuss financing options and what you can expect to pay for this life-changing surgery.

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