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Sometimes, regardless of how much exercise and dieting one does it still isn’t enough to fully deliver a flat, well-toned stomach. Plano, TX individuals that have loose and sagging skin in their lower abdomen may decide to have abdominoplasty to achieve these results. Dr. Yaker and Dr. Haidenberg are tummy tuck experts and offer several variations of abdominoplasty surgery. Men and women who are in good shape and have relatively good skin tone, but still battle an unwanted pooch in their midsection, may be candidates for a mini tummy tuck. This is a less intense, altered version of traditional abdominoplasty and is used on patients who do not necessarily need to undergo a full hip-to-hip tummy tuck.  

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Surgical Technique

The technique used for a mini tummy tuck is similar to that of full abdominoplasty. However, with a mini version the incision is much smaller and the area addressed will be just under the belly button. Liposuction is usually used during this procedure to remove excess fat. The excess skin that remains will be pulled tight so that the tummy has a new toned, flat appearance. In most cases, the belly button is unaffected. Scarring, while it does exist, is minimal and is easily concealed under a bathing suit or under garments.

I cannot praise Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and his outstanding team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas enough for the life-changing experience they've provided me. After losing nearly 80 lbs and grappling with body image issues for most of my life, I decided to undergo Gynecomastia revision, nipple reduction, upper body lipo, body etching (chest and abs), flanks and back, and a male mini tummy tuck. Finding a surgeon who genuinely understands the unique needs and desires of male patients can be challenging, but Dr. Haidenberg exceeded all my expectations. From my first consultation, it was clear that Dr. Haidenberg was an expert in male cosmetic surgery, particularly Gynecomastia treatment and male mini tummy tucks. Before meeting him, I didn't even know that a mini tummy tuck was an option for men! He took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, ensuring that I received the personalized care I deserved. The staff at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas were incredibly supportive, kind, and attentive throughout the entire process. They answered all my questions and kept my loved ones informed during the surgery. I never felt like just another patient at a factory-like clinic; instead, I felt truly valued and understood. The results of my Gynecomastia revision and male mini tummy tuck have been life-altering. When I removed my bandages five days post-surgery, I was moved to tears by the transformation. I finally feel confident in workout clothes and no longer feel self-conscious about my appearance. The change has been so significant that even my ongoing gym workouts are more enjoyable, as I can see my progress clearly. If you're a man considering cosmetic surgery, especially Gynecomastia treatment or a male mini tummy tuck, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and the exceptional team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas. Their expertise, support, and genuine care have given me the body I've always desired, and I am forever grateful.

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During/After Surgery

A mini tummy tuck is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility and typically takes around 1-2 hours to complete. The recovery generally takes about 4-6 weeks; this is when clearance to resume exercise is usually given. No longer forced to “suck it in”, patients love their results and feel that their abdomens look and feel more toned and fit. The results following a mini tummy tuck are considered permanent unless a pregnancy or significant weight gain occurs, both of which could compromise the results of the surgery.

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Expected Cost

Due to everyone having different surgery needs, pricing is individualized based on the patient. Please call our office to set up a consultation to go over pricing and options.

Can't I Just Have Lipo?

For mini tummy tuck patients, liposuction alone may be a possibility. Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat only. It is a good surgery choice for patients who have good skin tone and tight abdominal muscles. However, it will not benefit those who have sagging skin. When a patient comes to see us for the first time, we will work together to learn the patient’s aesthetic goals and review the procedures that might help meet those goals. For some, even a little hanging skin may warrant a mini tummy tuck.

Prior C-Section?

Women who have had a C-section will typically have a scar that runs horizontally in the lower abdomen. During a mini tummy tuck, an incision will be made very close to the C-section incision. Once the loose skin is trimmed away and the area is pulled tight, the two incisions are essentially combined into one which will allow for only one scar to remain. This scar will still be located in an area that will be hidden by undergarments and a bathing suit bottom.

What if I get Pregnant?

Abdominoplasty surgery should probably be delayed until after all pregnancies have been completed. The goal of a tummy tuck procedure is to tighten the abdominal wall. Getting pregnant after a tummy tuck may spoil the surgical results.

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