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What Is a Back Tuck?

Women who lose weight may find that while they love their new figure, they still have problem areas on the body they simply cannot correct with diet and exercise alone. For many, this involves the upper and mid back. Commonly referred to as “back rolls,” droopy folds of excess fat and skin that hang above or below the bra line can result after weight loss. For this reason, many turn to Plano, TX plastic surgeons Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and Dr. Natan Yaker for a back tuck. Also known as a back lift, a back tuck trims away excess skin on the upper back for a more toned appearance. To find out more about this body contouring procedure, contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas to set up a consultation.

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How Does a Back Tuck Work?

During a back tuck procedure at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas, you will be placed under general anesthesia first. Then, an incision will be made across your back from one side to the other, usually where the bra line resides. This technique is known as the bra line back lift. Excess skin and tissue will be carefully removed, and the remaining skin just above and below the bra line will be pulled tight to produce a smoother, firmer look. Finally, sutures will be placed to seal the area.

You will have missed an opportunity if you don’t schedule a consult with Dr. Haidenberg - I am very excited to provide my review for Dr. Haidenberg. From my first consultation, it was clear that Dr. Haidenberg puts his patients best interest first. When looking at patients pictures that had similar surgeries to mine, my first observation was that patient outcomes were natural, younger and fresher, but everyone looked like themselves. Aside from Dr. Haidenberg’s personal care for his patients, his technical expertise and ability to explain the procedure, set’s patients up for solid expectations. If you take the time to read his reviews, they each will testify to his skill as a surgeon and that his attention to detail are unmatched. He also collaborates well with Dr. Yaker his partner, which magnifies their assessment, surgical plan, and after care which further enhanced my confidence in Dr. Heidenberg. Beyond the excellence demonstrated by Dr. Haidenberg throughout the process, the competence, care, and personal interest offered by each member of his staff was also unsurpassed. From the moment I entered their office on my first visit and throughout follow ups, the welcoming relaxed environment and dedication to excellence makes recommending Dr. Haidenberg a pleasure and an honor. Regardless your interest in plastic surgery or desired outcome, you will have missed an opportunity if you don’t schedule a consult with Dr. Haidenberg. You’ll find my appraisal is not exceptional, and like others, just tries to express appreciation for a doctor that cares as much about your outcome as you do.

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Great doctor and staff. Couldn’t be more please with current and past procedures. Not only have they done major surgery but also minor procedures. Dr. Yaker has always been able to correct past mistakes easily. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Kristin the on call nurse is top notch. Wouldn’t think to go anywhere else.

D.B. Google

Amazing Experience - I had a tummy tuck, Breast lift, arm fat removal and lipo with Dr. Haidenberg - I had a tummy tuck, Breast lift, arm fat removal and lipo with Dr. Haidenberg on June 23rd of this year. I have never been happier in my life. Not only did I barely experience any pain, but I was up and out at dinner (against docs orders) within two weeks, drains and all. I love this doctor and his staff. They are all the best.

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I recently had Dr. Haidenberg perform gynecomastia surgery and a lipoma removal from my sternum, I am extremely pleased with the results, I was tired of not being able to wear a T-shirt without noticing a strange look from someone, self confidence was a problem. the incisions were great and are healing beautifully, the scar from my lipoma is hardly noticeable, I highly recommend Dr. Haidenburg if you are looking to make any changes to your appearance, He did an outstanding job.

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Everyone here has been friendly while being a client. They have all made me feel comfortable. I started my journey about 2 months ago and still have a few more things that need to be done. Everything completed so far look amazing. I cant wait to see what happens with the rest of my journey. This place will definetly be a part of it.

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What Can I Expect During/After Back Tuck Surgery?

A back tuck in Plano, TX takes just about 1 – 2 hours to complete and is considered an outpatient procedure. After the back lift surgery, you will wear a compression bra with a large back strap to help reduce swelling and keep the incision protected. Some discomfort and tightness will initially be felt, but this should subside after a while. Your recovery time may take up to six weeks before you are able to resume normal activities. Once the incisions heal, patients love how their back feels and the newfound freedom of being able to wear fitted clothing with confidence. You will have some scarring, but it should be hidden under your bra strap.

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What Is the Expected Cost of a Back Tuck?

Due to everyone having different surgical needs, pricing is individualized based on the patient. Please call our Plano, TX office to set up a consultation with Dr. Haidenberg or Dr. Yaker to go over pricing and options.

How common is back tuck surgery?

A back lift has gained popularity over the years, especially as more and more individuals are losing weight thanks to the success of bariatric weight loss surgery. Today, almost any skilled and experienced plastic surgeon offers this body contouring procedure, including Dr. Haidenberg and Dr. Yaker. The majority of our Plano, TX patients love their results.

Can a back tuck be combined with other surgeries?

Most patients who undergo skin removal or body contouring procedures generally do not put emphasis on their backs — at first. They commonly go for the tummy tuck, thigh lift, or breast lift to correct loose skin. In some cases, a back tuck can be the final stage in the skin removal process. It is very common for Plano, TX patients to consider combining several procedures, and a back tuck can certainly be included in this mix. For example, patients undergoing a tummy tuck and butt lift may also address their back at the same time.

Will a back tuck cause scarring?

Scarring is definitely a part of the back tuck procedure, but the good news is that the scars are hidden under the bra strap or a bathing suit top. Men who lose weight and wish to undergo a back tuck at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas will have great results from the surgery, but unfortunately, they will have a visible scar that will also be a part of their outcome.

Can't I just have liposuction?

Liposuction is still the best surgical method used for fat removal today. However, patients who are candidates for a back tuck are dealing with loose skin, not excess fat. Liposuction cannot remove loose skin, only a skin removal process like a back lift will achieve this. A back tuck at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas is the best way to attain a sculpted, toned back for patients with saggy skin by the bra line.

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