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Many Plano plastic surgery patients who have had the privilege of working with Dr. Natan Yaker, Board-Certified Plano Plastic Surgeon, to achieve their plastic surgery dreams consider him one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area. These happy patients have graciously taken the time to provide our office with valuable feedback that include reviews regarding their experience and satisfied results, as well as their own personal success stories. We hope these plastic surgery reviews help others who may be in the process of choosing the best plastic surgeon for them.

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Patient Story
Review from K.M.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jan 01, 2015

"Dr. Yaker I wanted you to know how blessed I feel to find you, as my plastic surgeon. You made me very comfortable at the consult and your office staff are awesome. I am very excited about my upcoming lipo and neck-lift. I know I am in good hands. Thank you for everything you will doing on Friday. I have been looking forward to it.I will pray that GOD will use your GOD given talent to do an awesome job with no difficulties. I just feel so blessed to me under care and your staff. Thank you again for taking your time to take care of my "areas that need your gifted hand :-)" More

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Review from C.M.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 12, 2014

From this; To This I would never wear a choker like this before. Dr. Yaker, You and your staff have been wonderful! C.M. More

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Review from J.B.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 12, 2014

Dear Dr. Yaker, Once again I thank you so very much for doing such a wonderful job of removing & replacing my breast implants. I appreciate your talents, kindness and professionalism. You and your staff have made my surgery - "worry-free."! in a year, on my next follow-up appointment, I will want your opinion on a partial or full facelift and/or any suggestions you may have. I highly recommend your service & skill. Sincerely, J.B :) More

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Review from D.A.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 12, 2014

Dear Dr. Yaker, It has been almost eight weeks since my surgery and I just had to write you to say how happy I am!! I can't believe how great I look!! Thank you for all the hard work you did on my neck especially - I can see the extra effort you put forth there!! I am deeply grateful to your always. I have a second chance at my dream because of you. You have a wonderful gift from God--thank you for sharing that gift with me!! Sincerely, <3 D.A. More

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Review from L.C.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 12, 2014

Dear Dr. Yaker, I just wanted to thank you so much for the fantastic surgery. It is wonderful, almost like a complete transformation! Every time I look in the mirror I see you & the amazing gift you have! It has turned my world around & so so so glad. I (you) did it - wished it had been done 10 years earlier. I'm able to breathe better, and I can move faster on the pickleball court - the simplest pleasures, rolling over in bed - in the house going braless its just such a relief to have freedom of movement. It's a true daily blessing(s). Thank you so much – you will never know my joy, and how much I admire the help you are giving to so many!! It's wonderful!! My eyes are coming along still have some bumps!! Oh well - & a bit of numbness under the left arm but I'm so thrilled with the overall results I just don't care how long a recovery takes! Thank you so much again! All the ladies were so helpful to get me down the road. Always in your debt. L.C. P.S. Hi to Tracey!!! More

Patient Story
Review from E.A.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jan 22, 1996

Dear Dr. Yaker a very HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and all your team. Do you remember how upset I was with the nose-job thinking I was looking like Miss Piggy? As you said: 4 months later I think you did a GREAT JOB!! I am happy and grateful. Sincerely E. A. More

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