What to Consider Before Getting a Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Jaime Haidenberg


Have you been thinking about breast augmentation surgery to enhance your figure and boost your confidence? Before taking the leap, it's essential to consider several factors that will help you make informed decisions about the procedure. At Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas in Plano, TX, Dr. Jaime Haidenberg is dedicated to providing patient education and guidance to ensure comfort and confidence going into any procedure. Keep reading for a helpful summary of important considerations you should keep in mind before getting a breast augmentation.

Planning ahead for breast augmentation recovery

One crucial aspect to consider before breast augmentation is the recovery period. It's important to plan accordingly — especially when it comes to work commitments, childcare, and household chores — as patients will have strict limitations on lifting and physical activity after breast augmentation. Depending on the extent of the procedure, you may need to take up to 1 – 3 weeks off of work for proper rest and healing, though most women are able to return to light desk work about one week after the procedure. Additionally, arranging help with children and household tasks during the initial recovery phase can alleviate stress and promote a smoother healing process. It's also important to note that exercise should be avoided for approximately 4 – 6 weeks after surgery or until cleared by Dr. Haidenberg.

Decisions to make prior to breast augmentation

Before undergoing a breast augmentation, there are several decisions you'll need to make regarding your procedure, and Dr. Haidenberg will help you through this process. These decisions include:

Type of implant

  • Saline implants: MENTOR® or Allergan (Natrelle®)
  • Silicone implants: Allergan (Natrelle® Gel), Mentor (MemoryGel®), or Sientra (silicone gel breast implants)

Implant size

  • Measured in volume (ccs)
  • Appropriate implant size will be based on body type, amount of native breast tissue, desired goals, and other individual factors

Implant placement

  • Submammary (retromammary): Beneath the mammary gland and above the muscle
  • Subfascial (retrofacial): Beneath the muscle fascia
  • Dual plane: Along two layers
  • Submuscular (retromuscular): Primarily under the muscle
  • Complete submuscular (full retromuscular): Beneath the muscle

Implant profile

  • Low, moderate, high, or extra-high profiles determine the projection of the breasts outward from the chest wall

Implant shape

  • Round implants offer fullness on the top, while teardrop implants more closely mimic the shape of natural breasts

Incision type

  • Inframammary: Made in the breast crease
  • Periareolar: Made under and along the areola
  • Transaxillary: Made in the armpit (not recommended)
  • Transumbilical: Made in the belly button (not recommended)

With so many things to consider leading up to your breast augmentation, it is normal to feel overwhelmed or confused, but we are here to help you better understand all of your options and how to best prepare for surgery in order to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience and beautiful results.

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When considering breast augmentation, it's imperative that patients understand their options and plan for their procedure and recovery accordingly. Experienced Plano, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Haidenberg and the team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas are committed to helping you make informed decisions so that you can achieve your aesthetic goals. If you're ready to take the next step in your breast augmentation journey, call to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Haidenberg today.

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