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Cindy Liu - Patient Coordinator

Patient Coordinator

Cindy Liu has served as the patient coordinator for Dr. Yaker for over 20 years. Responsible for scheduling all surgical procedures, she is considered the glue that binds the office together. Throughout each day, Cindy assists patients with before and after surgical questions and works with them as they prepare for surgery. She also oversees the Surface Skin Spa, the medical spa for the practice.

Initially, Cindy started her tenure as the receptionist for Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas while continuing her education in business. Demonstrating her commitment and dedication to the practice, she was promoted to the administrator position in 1995. She has devoted over two decades to running a very busy, prominent plastic surgery practice while raising four children. She also serves as Dr. Yaker’s personal assistant.

Over the years, Cindy has developed many lasting relationships with patients. She feels it is important for a patient to see a familiar face when they come back to the practice years later. Cindy truly enjoys what she does and is always striving to lend an ear or helping hand. Having years of experience, she is able to educate and help patients prepare themselves for surgery as well as postoperative care. She especially enjoys speaking to mothers about discussing with their children the topics of plastic or reconstructive surgery. She also openly shares her own personal experiences of her surgeries and how she dealt with young children after her tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and liposuction.

Personal Life

Cindy enjoys traveling with her family and friends. Her favorite saying to her children is, “Life is nothing but decisions, so make good decisions.” Her favorite saying to her husband, Thomas is, “When I say it’s time for a face lift, your response is: how much do I make the check out for!” She loves to run and exercises regularly, claiming, “Jogging is the only way I can do all that I do! It’s my stress reliever.” She also enjoys hanging out on the couch with her 3 Maltese puppies and reading a book.


Cindy stresses the importance of proper healing time to those having surgery and smiles when she tells patients, “You have the rest of your life to exercise, follow Dr. Yaker’s instructions for optimum results!” Cindy’s respect for Dr. Yaker and her loyalty and dedication to his practice is due to the fact that he truly cares for his patients. “Trust me, Dr. Yaker is not leaving the operating room until he is 100% happy with the surgical results for the patient. He is constantly reading and is up to date on procedures and products to provide the best quality care for his patients.”

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